Galerie Vanasse - Art figuratif et portraits

The Gallery

Only a few minutes from downtown Montreal, the gallery occupies the ground floor of a historic building in the heart Saint-Lambert, a destination known by art lovers and collectors. The gallery, adjacent to the train station, is easily accessible by car and public transportation.
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There are 4 parking spaces behind the Gallery and other spaces nearby.

From Longueuil Metro, take bus 1, 6 or 106 and get off at the train station.

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Galerie Vanasse Art figuratif et portrait

fig·ur·a·tive art |'figyərətiv|ärt|
Figurative art references the real world with the objective of creating art which is aesthetically satisfying. Figurative artists often describe the need to communicate visually the emotions and narrative behind the subject that they are seeking to portray.

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Gallery and Portrait Studio
In addition to presenting artworks of high standards and excellence, the gallery is home to a portrait studio. Come and meet portraitist Eric Vanasse and other artists in residence. We will be happy to talk about the gallery works and the process and techniques used for portrait paintings.

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Portfolio Submission

Painting and portrait classes at
Painting and portrait classes